My first football game

The coach arranged me to play as the Wide Receiver. I thought that I didn’t need too much power and physical strength. But after playing two games, I knew that playing WR was not easy at all:

1. The ability to read the game.
Always observe the next move of the quarterbacks and defenders and continue to run to find the catching point. They may be trapped and throw the ball out at any time, and then rest the last hope on you.

2. Defense ability.
Our opponents always like to do fake tactics and then try to attack and break from my side. I had to follow his position and stop him, which rely on the high running speed and flexibility. If you wanna to know what management skills you have exercised in this game, you can only feel and think by yourself. Tencent’s training department has been extremely helpful in the past two years and has changed many of the indoor paper courses to outdoor games, such as baseball, curling, and football so that everyone can practice the leadership in teamwork. Just like this football game, you have to control the field. It’s really not easy.

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